…daddy’s two cents: spanking

…she let’s out one squee and another, and another with each blow of the paddle …another, and another and another. The squees turn into cries as each blow brings another sharp sting to her ass. But I keep going crack, crack, crack…

..another and another and another. Tears start to roll down her cheek, as I continue blow after blow.

…another and another and another I just keep going. Her cries continue and the tears are now a steady stream down her cheek. I lean in and whisper good girl princess as I land a few more blows. Her cries go silent while a small puddle of tears collects next to her cheek.

Laying beside her now and squeezing in a tight embrace. I love you baby. And a gentle kiss to her for head. You are always daddy’s good girl and I love you so much!


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