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…daddy’s two cents: rope play

I have mentioned to my princes on multiple ocassions that I was interested in rope play. That I wanted to be a rigger and she would be my bunny.  With great intrepidation she reluctantly agreed. Pumpkin even purchased me some nice nylon rope. And even tried using it a couple time and even though we were successfull we never really got hooked. I continued to be adiment that I wanted to incorporate rope into our play.

I had also mentioned some interest in learning some more advanced techniques including suspension. This really concerned my baby girl, she as a real fear of heights. So after several reminders of my desire we discussed it and agreed it was something we both wanted to explore.

After moving to our current home we discussed a desire to connect with the community and attend a munch or similiar “low key” kink event. We (Pumpkin) has been looking on for an activity.  Pumpkin and I have agreed we would like to meet other kinksters or another ddlg couples.

A couple weeks ago we were looking for an activity and found a rope in the park event. The significants of this event was not only the timing but the location. The event was held on a Friday evening, but even more significant at the park only minutes from our home. We would walk over after dinner with our newly purchased rope (story for another day).

We arrived at the park, found the other participants and introduced ourselves. We were welcomed and we sat down at some picnic tables and eventually started talking to the other riggers and bunnies. A short while after the event coordinators decided what they felt was best to help us with.  Pumpkin and I were new, we didn’t really know any tying methods.

The first knots I was shown were the single img_2446and double column.  I was hooked (I already
was), but I wanted to try more. I tied pumpkins ankles and hands seperately and together. The exprienced rigger taught me some additional tricks but I don’t remember all of them.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we have agreed to attend another rope event as soon as it is posted.

I had mentioned to the experienced rigger that I was also interested in suspension and we discussed methods to SAFELY achieve this.

We looked up some harness methods and immediatley tried one. It was even more fun and I look forward to further attempts to accomplish the bondage kink we both desire to add to our play.


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