daddy’s two cents: trust in our dynamic…

I love my pumpkin. I love her with all my heart. Trust is a place were we struggle. I am willing to take some blame as I demand blind trust with little explanation for what my expectations are.

Trust in a d/s relationship are just as important as consent. I have her consent to do many things not on her “hard” list. But does she trust me to be safe… And what exactly is blind trust. Will she just close her eyes and fall expecting me to be there to catch her. Will I be there every time her pen goes missing. And when life’s struggles are pressing in, when her world starts spinning backwards again. It’s easy to say yes daddy I trust you… am I being unfair requiring her “blind trust”. I don’t think I am. However to scold or discipline her when she misses or makes me feel unworthy is just as unfair.

As our d/s relationship evolves, the definition and expectations of trust change and evolve. We will continue to work towards our own acceptance of trust…


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