…daddy’s two cents: spanking

…she let’s out one squee and another, and another with each blow of the paddle …another, and another and another. The squees turn into cries as each blow brings another sharp sting to her ass. But I keep going crack, crack, crack…

..another and another and another. Tears start to roll down her cheek, as I continue blow after blow.

…another and another and another I just keep going. Her cries continue and the tears are now a steady stream down her cheek. I lean in and whisper good girl princess as I land a few more blows. Her cries go silent while a small puddle of tears collects next to her cheek.

Laying beside her now and squeezing in a tight embrace. I love you baby. And a gentle kiss to her for head. You are always daddy’s good girl and I love you so much!


Punishment vs Play


Both effective but both used for completely different reasons, resulting in a completely different reaction and or emotion.

During this post I am planning on comparing my opinions and feelings in regards to both punishment and play spankings.

In my opinion I find the best punishment spanking is done with a bare hand, against a bare/underwear covered behind.  With the sub across the doms lap, a set number of spankings will be announced.  There will be no warm up, and the sub must count the number of spanks while the dom administers them.

This is not a turn on for me personally, nor is it enjoyable.img_2531

I find that punishment spankings if done correctly can be very effective.  Being laid across someones lap in a compromising position can bring me back down a notch.  It reminds me of my place and that I am not to think above my dom.  It can also aid in my little space a lot, reminding me of how small I am in comparison.

Should start with a warm up readying the subs behind making it a more enjoyable and prolonged experience.  I enjoy play to be done with an arrangement of toys, constantly keeping me guessing and on my toes.  The different sensations caused by different toys can be a very rewarding feeling.  My favourite toy is the flogger, it administers a more “stinging” effect as opposed to a “thud” feeling.


I strongly believe that while playing that constant praise is necessary.  It makes me feel like I can endure so much more from my dom.  Not only am I making him so proud of me but it gives me a head rush that makes we want to receive more for both him and for myself.

As the flogger comes down across my ass I feel in initial sting and I cringe, then an amazing warmth travels across the entire area where the nylon fabric has come in contact.  I melt into the heat patiently waiting for the next mind blowing lash.

Bdsm · Ddlg

…daddy’s two cents: rope play

I have mentioned to my princes on multiple ocassions that I was interested in rope play. That I wanted to be a rigger and she would be my bunny.  With great intrepidation she reluctantly agreed. Pumpkin even purchased me some nice nylon rope. And even tried using it a couple time and even though we were successfull we never really got hooked. I continued to be adiment that I wanted to incorporate rope into our play.

I had also mentioned some interest in learning some more advanced techniques including suspension. This really concerned my baby girl, she as a real fear of heights. So after several reminders of my desire we discussed it and agreed it was something we both wanted to explore.

After moving to our current home we discussed a desire to connect with the community and attend a munch or similiar “low key” kink event. We (Pumpkin) has been looking on fetlife.com for an activity.  Pumpkin and I have agreed we would like to meet other kinksters or another ddlg couples.

A couple weeks ago we were looking for an activity and found a rope in the park event. The significants of this event was not only the timing but the location. The event was held on a Friday evening, but even more significant at the park only minutes from our home. We would walk over after dinner with our newly purchased rope (story for another day).

We arrived at the park, found the other participants and introduced ourselves. We were welcomed and we sat down at some picnic tables and eventually started talking to the other riggers and bunnies. A short while after the event coordinators decided what they felt was best to help us with.  Pumpkin and I were new, we didn’t really know any tying methods.

The first knots I was shown were the single img_2446and double column.  I was hooked (I already
was), but I wanted to try more. I tied pumpkins ankles and hands seperately and together. The exprienced rigger taught me some additional tricks but I don’t remember all of them.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we have agreed to attend another rope event as soon as it is posted.

I had mentioned to the experienced rigger that I was also interested in suspension and we discussed methods to SAFELY achieve this.

We looked up some harness methods and immediatley tried one. It was even more fun and I look forward to further attempts to accomplish the bondage kink we both desire to add to our play.


Rope Play

Standing on the living room coffee table, wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.  I have never felt sexier.
Feeling daddy’s hands wind around me following by the prickle of the rope, the tension on the rope growing tighter the further along daddy gets.  img_2445As he stares up at me once hes finished his handy work he smiles with a twinkle in his eye “you look so beautiful”

Talk about an ego boost.

Strung to the bedroom door, rope binding both my hands and ankles with the joining rope hanging tightly against my swollen clit, waiting in anticipation for daddy to return.  Then I hear it, the tell-tale sound of daddy’s return. 

He enters the room, fumbling with something behind me, and then it begins.  Smack after smack across my back, legs and ass.  The flogger.  Daddy does not grant me any mercy as he goes to town making my body yet another wonderful piece of his art.  My body twitching img_2447with each blow, unable to move enough to escape but enough to rub the rope between my legs just enough to send a jolt of pleasure through my entire body. 

After what feels like hours of being on my knees tied at daddy’s mercy I begin to grow weak, baring all weight on the ropes and door.  Daddy continues to land blow after blow to my sore and marked body.

Both very separate and different occasions, yet both drawn together by rope play.



daddy’s two cents: trust in our dynamic…

I love my pumpkin. I love her with all my heart. Trust is a place were we struggle. I am willing to take some blame as I demand blind trust with little explanation for what my expectations are.

Trust in a d/s relationship are just as important as consent. I have her consent to do many things not on her “hard” list. But does she trust me to be safe… And what exactly is blind trust. Will she just close her eyes and fall expecting me to be there to catch her. Will I be there every time her pen goes missing. And when life’s struggles are pressing in, when her world starts spinning backwards again. It’s easy to say yes daddy I trust you… am I being unfair requiring her “blind trust”. I don’t think I am. However to scold or discipline her when she misses or makes me feel unworthy is just as unfair.

As our d/s relationship evolves, the definition and expectations of trust change and evolve. We will continue to work towards our own acceptance of trust…