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Lacking Dedication

I have learnt over many attempts that I am always going to lack dedication when it comes to exercise.  I have asked for Daddy’s help but we can’t really agree on a way that would make me do it.

Does anyone else have a problem with this and what are some ways that they get motivation, or their Daddy’s enforce this?


5 thoughts on “Lacking Dedication

  1. Perhaps a positive reinforcement dynamic for this particular thing would benefit you? My Daddy and I only do positive reinforcement and rewards due to my anxiety and other health issues, but he is not a fan of punishment anyway.


    1. are you able to give me an example? it is something we struggle with. He suggested tv, but I don’t watch much tv, and then he suggested date nights but that felt insulting.. and like i would only resent him a little later for only wanting to spend time with me if i exercised.


      1. Is it something you can do together? The only other thing I have tried has been sticker charts or apps to earn nice things or do nice things together but also not to best myself up if I am unable to complete something one day or even one week or month. As much as I may want to exercise or do whatever, my Daddy tries to get me to be kinder to myself as that affects my mental health more (doesn’t always work! I’m a mean bitch to myself!) No matter what there is always another day tomorrow and I can try again. I would try to getmyou and your daddy to concentrate on what you DID succeed with that day! I understand the resentment part! I struggle with that in my D/s dynamic too constantly.


      2. Thank you for the kind words. It is something that we are going to have to discuss in more depth since we are just getting into it. I am hoping maybe it an be something like for every sticker I get 0.50 cents and at the end of the two weeks I can use it at the dollarstore for a new toy. So every time I exercise I’d get a sticker and for every time I miss a day maybe take a sticker away..

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      3. I’ve been with my partner nearly 2.5 years and we are still exploring and figuring how things work as our lives change. I’m sure you’re both doing great! And there is no wrong or right way to do D/s or DDlg! If it works, then keep doing it. 😀


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