Being kept positive 

At the moment daddy and I are on the search for a new home to call our own.  We have gone to a few viewings and have yet to find something that worked until the other day.  

We found a place that we assumed would be perfect for everything we needed and checked off all of our check boxes.  Only to find out that they decided to go with another couple to rent to.

I am not always the most optimistic person and get very discouraged when I have put my hopes into something.  A few times daddy has had to remind me that we are in this together and we will find something better then what we were looking at.  It just wasn’t the time or place for us. 


Daddy’s two cents… intro…

Welcome to my Baby Girl’s blog. This a space for her to share feelings and experiences. It has been interesting for me to read these words. It provides me the opportunity to see things from her eyes. We look forward to being able to share with all of you.

I want to add my “two cents” occasionally. To add my own thoughts, to share some things from my point of view.

I am excited to be with my baby girl and build a life. I love her so much and am excited for the future we have ahead of us.


Tasks and Chores

Daddy recently downloaded a new app called Trello in order to leave me with his expectations for the day, chores, food requirements and anything else thats going on for the day in a neat and organized area that we are both able to access at any time.  So far it seems to be going well, we are using it daily and talk about whats going on with it throughout the day.

It allows daddy that ability to “ok” certain activities beforehand so that during the day if he is unable to answer as to weather or not I am allowed, I don’t necessarily need to wait for a response as long as it is already in the app.  It also allows him to check up and see what I have been accomplishing during the time that we are not together, since there is a check mark box that I am able to check off after any task is completed.

Daddy has asked me on a few different occasions what I thought of the app and I have come to the conclusion that it works very well for the both of us.  During the week we don’t see a great deal of each other due to our different work schedules but this allows me to keep up with the protocol of always following the rules without me being left questioning what is allowed and not allowed through out the day.  I also think it helps us a lot with the meal planning.  I recently asked daddy to help me with meal planning, as I am trying to eat healthier to combat my digestive issues in a more natural way.

Every morning he updates my chores for the day, his expectations for the day and what I am supposed to eat for the day.

All in all I give this app an A+.  Daddy really knocked it out of the park when he found this one.


Rope Suspension

A concept that both intrigues and frightens me.

Daddy has brought it up a couple times that he would like to take a class on rope tying.  I have always been interested in helping daddy to learn rope tying but I am a little scared about the concept of being suspended.

We were watching a video last night where a man was tying up and suspending this girl and she was very scared and I could completely relate with how she was feeling.  The thing that does intrigue me is the amount of trust that you are putting in the person who would be suspending you.  I trust daddy with all of my heart and I am hoping that this is just another way for me to put my trust in him and for him to show me that he will always take care of me.



Morning Expectations

I starts with a rawr of the alarm clock chiming telling us we have reached the end of our slumber and it’s time to rise.  Daddy reaches to turn the blaring noise off and returns to cuddle me and ask if I am going to be waking now or later.. “Now” I reply.  “Ok, up you get we are going to shower”

We both reach the bathroom at the same time and undress, as I wait for my next instruction.  “Warm up the water for daddy pumpkin”.  I climb into the shower turning the cold water to hot as quickly as allowed and wait for daddy to enter and envelope me with all of his greatness.  Daddy lathers and washes me, allowing me to feel his amazing hands run through my hair.  Once all cleaned, daddy forces me again the wall of the shower driving his fingers deep inside both my ass and pussy filling me completely.

Out of the shower all dried, daddy grabs me by the back of my neck and leads me to the bed forcing me over its edge entering my soaking wet pussy with ease, reminding me over and over who’s body it was and who would use it al their will.  Against any hesitation from me, daddy then eases his way into my ass slowing using every  inch of me for his pleasure.

As quickly as he entered either of his holes he removes himself. “Now, go make me breakfast.”

Our morning ended with daddy emptying himself inside of me while whispering in my ears his damands of the day “you are not to move or do anything without permission today”


Perfecting Protocol

Daddy and I have been together for roughly 5 months.  Been living together for 4 of those 5 months.. AS I think will happen throughout our lives together, our protocol will constantly change and evolve as we grow in our relationship and as we become more and more a part of each other’s lives.  

Daddy is a strict man when it comes to his prtocol and I will be the first to admit that I have been fighting him quite a bit on the issue.  Mind you none of what I have been fighting is completely within my control. 

For instance.. Today daddy asked that I concentrate my cleaning efforts on the walls that I started cleaning yesterday.  I agreed completely that it was an easy task to handle until I walked into the kitchen and noticed that there was dishes all over the place, things needed to be put away and there was sweeping to do.  I have a severe case of OCD and anxiety.  Those of which do not go well with me walking into a messy kitchen and being told that I am not to pay any attention to it but keep focused on the task at hand.

So as daddy has requested I do when I see a flaw in the situation and find that I will not be able to complete it to his requirements.. I spoke up and explained just that..

He really is a reasonable man and with some discussion we agreed that the kitchen was something that I wouldn’t be able to ignore without having a breakdown and in such that was put on my chores for the day.

I am writing this with hopes that daddy and I are able to come to a conclusion on how we handle my daily tasks and keep in mind my challenges and allow him the ability to keep me focused on the tasks that my scattered mind starts but never completes.  

I appreciate the efforts daddy is putting forth to make me the best person he knows I am capable of being.


Lost in Thought

A lot has gone on over the last week and I wouldn’t know where to start.

I would like to start off by saying that daddy is the best man there is and was amazing to take care of me during the time that I was sick.  I couldn’t have asked for a better man to care for me.  He was so attentive, caring, loving and worried about what was going on with me.  We went through lots of ups and downs with my moodiness and my sickness but he was always by my side and never got upset with me.

There are still a llot of ups and downs in our personal life and it leaves me with lots of question marks floating around my head as to where things may or may not end up in the near future.  Some days I feel like I have to wonder if I should be running into Daddys arms and holding onto him to save me from all the monsters or if I should run and escape the craziness that our life seems to have become.

I text daddy something this morning and I have been living true to these feelings for a long time now.

I hate that you have so many yours.



Yesterday I was rather conflicted and didn’t know how to deal with my feelings.

Daddy, his 2 daughters and myself went to a family picnic for my family.  This would be the first time that the girls would be meeting any of my family and that daddy would be meeting a few people.

It was going really well until daddy felt the need to say “me and my wife” to a relative of mine that he had yet to meet and who is not up to speed on the situation.

My initial reaction was anger.  How dare you bring her up when I am introducing you as my partner to my family.. obviously without an understanding of the situation, they are not going to understand.

I know he is married, he knows he is married.  We don’t need to inviting my family into our complicated situation.. especially by bringing it up the way that it was.

As of now, I am still a little off about the entire thing.  I don’t know that I am angry with daddy about it anymore but I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling towards him that I just want to forget that it happened and move on happily.

I have to admit that it was a little embarrassing to know that my family now knows that i am introducing them to “my boyfriend, the married man”.


Work Woe’s

The day has come.. The day that I have been dreading since the day I took this job.


A poor puppy is going to be put to sleep and I have to not only witness it but I have to possibly assist with it.

The second I found out I called daddy and informed him of the news that I was faced with.  He took a lot of sympathy on me knowing that this is the part of the job that no matter how many times I deal with it, I will never be able to stomach it.

He has given me that ok to call him at any time tonight after the procedure has been done, which is a very sweet gesture considering he has plans and is allowing me to impose on them slightly.

The pit in my stomach is continuing to grow as the time gets closer and closer.  I knew it was something that I would one day have to deal with but its never something I am going to get used to.


Two Way Street… To a Point

I question a lot of things that go on and not everything is my business.. I understand this.  But when something does involve me directly shouldn’t I be invited to know what’s going on?

I won’t get into the actually details of what I am referring to but daddy is going through some stuff that generally involves him and HER but some of the things he is supposed to get advice on does involve me.  Like always I had to inquire with him as to weather or not he had looked into the advice that him and I are in need of..  

To the response 

I asked about a bunch of things and she never said anything about the rent, but she’s going to take my other stuff into consideration..

Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate him updating me (once I asked) that he did get the chance to at least ask his questions.. But if you are inquiring about a very important topic and is a little time sensitive I don’t personally think that you should allow someone to ignore it, nor should it be brushed off with a ‘well she didn’t say anything about it…”

I am left with the feeling of wondering if everything we are trying to build is just less important.